17. Rosita <3, soy una pequeña chica con una imaginacion activa jijijij ^^, me gustan muchas cosas como leer, hora de aventura entre otras :d BIENVENIDO A UNA PARTE DE LO QUE ME NADA EN LA CABEZA o/
17. Rose :). i'm a litlle girl with an active imaginacion jijijiji ^^.i Like a lot of stuff like reading, aventure time, etc. WELCOME TO A PART OF WHAT IS IN MY HEAD! o/
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"sit up straight" how dare you i’ll sit as gay as i please

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Annabeth pressed her lips to Percy’s ear. “I love you.”
She wasn’t sure he could hear her—but if they died, she wanted those to be her last words.

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reasons i want to look GOOD 

  • for myself
  • for myself
  • to plant the seed of envy in other bitch’s hearts
  • for myself

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It’s so sad that some of the loveliest and kindest people dislike themselves a lot

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